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What are the solutions for broken crown tooth issues? Many wonder if it is possible to repair the broken tooth crown.This article will talk about what to do about how to handle the situation when you have a broken tooth crown.


How do broken tooth crowns happen?

Teeth are made of bone, so you can expect them to be strong. They are not easily damaged, it usually takes really strong force to be used on them before they crack or get worn down. As for tooth crowns, the materials used to make tooth crowns are meant to have similar durability as real teeth. Here is a list of reasons why people sometimes have broken tooth crowns.

Opening a chip bag with your teeth

Everyone has done this at least once. If a chip bag is stubborn and you aren’t able to open it with your hands, your first instinct is to open it with your teeth. This is not a good habit because the pressure placed on the teeth may cause any dental crowns to come lose or to become broken crowns.

Dental trauma

Another cause for dental crowns is when they suffer from dental trauma. If a person experiences trauma to the face, there is a chance that any dental crowns they may have might get broken or damaged. In some cases, the broken crowns may not be immediately obvious, some cracks may be extremely fine and unnoticeable.

Bruxism (Teeth grinding)

People who grind their teeth at night may also end up having broken crowns in the long run. Tooth grinding usually happens at night, when people are asleep. The pressure that is placed on the teeth will grind the teeth down to stumps, in extreme cases of bruxism. Tooth crowns may also sustain damage when a person grinds their teeth.


Repair of a broken tooth crown

The repair of the broken crown will depend on the amount of damage there is. The person may not even be aware that they have broken crowns. The symptoms to look out for are tooth sensitivity to hot or cold beverages or if you feel bits and pieces of the tooth crown around your mouth. In some cases, there will be bleeding because the shards of the broken crown will have caused injury to the soft tissues and gums in the mouth.broken crown tooth

If you think you may have a broken crown, it is a good idea to see your dentist about it. If the damage to the broken crown is not that extensive, there is a chance that the dentist will be able to repair the cracks in the tooth crown without needing replacement. However, should you see that the dental crown has been broken beyond repair, the dental professional may need to replace it entirely.


Avoiding getting a broken crown

The key to avoiding broken crowns is to avoid doing actions that will put unnecessary pressure on your teeth. Choosing to open your bag of potato chips using scissors if you re unable to do so with your hands, and getting treatment for your tooth grinding if you have it will help you avoid getting cracks in your dental crowns.

Seeing your dentist periodically will also prevent you needing any replacement dental crowns. A trip to the dentist at least once or twice a year will be enough for the dentist to monitor your overall oral health as well as look at your dental crowns. They will be able to repair any small cracks or damage to the dental crowns if there are any. If you think you have a broken dental crown, it is a good idea to see your dentist right away.

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