In need of dental help in the wee hours of the night? Call us right away!

A dental emergency is never fun. But with an emergency dentist in Adelaide, your dental needs will never be a hassle!

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Tooth Pain?

It is difficult to go on with your day while struggling with a toothache. It can mean a lot of things—tooth decay, infection, the presence of foreign bodies in between teeth, etc. An appointment with your dentist at Emergency Dentist Adelaide may be the first step in solving your problem. No need to worry about clinic hours because we are open all day to serve you.

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Knocked out tooth?

Playing contact sports and other physical activities may be sources of accidents. Immediate dental attention is key in preserving the tooth and returning it back as if nothing happened. Never fear as Emergency Dentist Adelaide is here to provide emergency treatment and solution round the clock.

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Chipped or fractured tooth?

Time is of the essence in dealing with dental emergencies such as this. No need to fret about dental schedules and appointments. Whether you still have the cracked part of the tooth or not, contact Emergency Dentist Adelaide immediately so our emergency dentist in Adelaide can tend to your needs at once.

Immediate care for dental emergencies

Dental emergencies can be anything but a walk in the park. With or without pain, any emergency can be a hassle and a worry to all of us. Immediate care should be given so that no other untoward complications may arise. One should always find a dental practice that is available to give dental treatment as soon as possible during emergency cases. Remember that you can always contact Emergency Dentist Adelaide for assistance.

Dental Emergencies in Adelaide

Available 24/7

Emergency Dentist Adelaide serves our clients all day long. We have dentists working per shift, so anyone can avail our services, emergency or not, any time of the day, any day of the week. No additional fees will be charged even for late nights and weekends.

Focused dental care

In Adelaide, emergency dentists are trained and experienced to deliver immediate care in every dental emergency with focus and calmness. The emphasis on staying calm as shown by the rescuer will make the patient feel relaxed as well.

Safety and comfort

In any emergency situation, panic is the worst enemy. It makes us weary of our situation and become careless of our decisions, and in turn, allows us to make mistakes. We advise our patients to stay calm and let the emergency dentists handle the situation. You can find one at Emergency Dentist Adelaide.

About Us

Dental emergencies can affect anyone. It can happen any time, which is why early preparation when such situation happens is the key.  We, at Emergency Dentist Adelaide, are a group of professional emergency dentists dedicated to offering dental solutions at any time of the day, even during the most unexpected times. We are trained to handle emergency cases and are experienced in delivering immediate care, even to children.

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Are you Open during Public Holidays?

Though most establishments are closed during the holidays, dental emergencies can still happen during those times. Worry no more! Our clinic is open even on regular and public holidays so you can be sure that excellent emergency dental care will be available to you. Contact Emergency Dentist Adelaide clinic to know more.

What to do during Dental Emergencies

Dental pain may be caused by a lot of things, so treating one may be tricky. You may contact your dentist at Emergency Dentist Adelaide as soon as you feel even the tiniest tingle on your tooth as this may be a sign of an infection or tooth damage. You may take over-the-counter pain relievers like paracetamol or ibuprofen to alleviate the pain.
Knocked out Tooth
Physical activities such as playing sports can cause accidental trauma to your teeth. Knocking permanent teeth out, be it partial or complete, should be handled with extreme care to avoid any untoward complication. If the root of the tooth that has been knocked out is still intact and undamaged, lightly and carefully wash it with water or milk. Never touch the root while doing so. If you can, try to reposition the tooth back to the socket as soon as possible so the chances of it returning back to normal will be higher. If not, secure the tooth in a container with milk and rush to the nearest dental emergency clinic. Contact Emergency Dentist Adelaide for assistance.
Gum Problem (Abscess, Swelling, Bleeding)

Infection is the main culprit why gums become swollen, red, and more often than not, painful. Presence of pus and bleeding of the gums may mean a significant amount of infection has been present either in the gums itself or in the tooth. If any of these symptoms are present, you should contact Emergency Dentist Adelaide and secure an appointment right away so that treatment regarding your problem may be given immediately and medications can be prescribed to counteract the infection.

Broken dental appliance (dentures, bridge, dental implant)

If your dentures, bridge, or dental implants get broken or damaged during family occasions or get together, part of your confidence also gets injured as well. You may tend to fix it yourself because you thought no dentist would be available to do so. Well, our Emergency Dentist Adelaide clinic also handles the immediate repair of dental appliances any time you need it. Just give us a call and let us do the work for you.

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