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Read more of our thoughts and learn from the experts.


Read more of our thoughts and learn from the experts.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Infection: How Can I Prevent It?

Our wisdom teeth can present unique issues that significantly affect our dental health. The easiest method to avoid these issues is through wisdom tooth removal. However, while tooth extraction seems like a simple treatment, it requires sufficient recovery and aftercare. Because of the tooth’s natural structure and location, it opens the possibility for complications—particularly wisdom tooth extraction infection.

Root Canal Infection: Identifying Signs and Its Treatment Process

Sometimes, a root canal infection can spike in a very unexpected moment. When this time comes, there is a wide variety of symptoms that you can encounter. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain that progresses and becomes intolerable, you may need an emergency root canal treatment.

Having Dental Crown Problems? Here’s What You Need To Do

Dental crowns are replacement caps that dentists attach over the affected tooth. They help to reconstruct the appearance of your smile. However, although it is one of the long-term solutions for a diseased or decaying tooth, dental crown problems can still exist.

Tooth Sensitivity After Filling: Is It Normal? (Treatment Options)

If you happen to develop a cavity on your tooth, your dentist will recommend you to undergo a dental filling treatment. A dental filling is the safest and most effective option to avoid the progression of concerns such as tooth pain and dental decay. Often, some patients experience tooth sensitivity after filling. These effects are usual and will naturally resolve in a span of a few days. However, you must visit a dentist right away if the tooth pain persists or several symptoms occur, such as redness, fever, and swelling.

How To Manage Tooth Avulsion? (Dental Tips and Options You Should Know)

The blow of a collision or strike could result in tooth avulsion. But this dental trauma is not panic-worthy in movies. Even when it is one of the serious and traumatic dental injuries. The result of tooth avulsion significantly depends on the right course of actions during this event. It may either leave the patient with a still complete smile or toothless. Hence, in a situation like this, you should know the answers to the right questions.

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