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Tooth flying in places is only a pinnacle among action scenes in movies. Usually, the film would display a high impact and force that caused tooth displacement. And this cause remains true in real life. The blow of a collision or strike could result in tooth avulsion. But this dental trauma is not panic-worthy in movies. Even when it is one of the serious and traumatic dental injuries. The result of tooth avulsion significantly depends on the right course of actions during this event. It may either leave the patient with a still complete smile or toothless. Hence, in a situation like this, you should know the answers to the right questions. What should you do? Is there any way to remedy the injury? Is it possible to put the tooth back in place?


What Is Tooth Avulsion

what to do during tooth avulsion adelaideThis dental trauma is a common dental emergency among clinics. Also known as dental avulsion, tooth displacement, or knocked out tooth, this oral problem is one of the traumatic dental injuries you should take seriously. Although you could be looking at a successful prognosis, this result mainly depends on the right and timely remedies. Avulsed teeth happen when pressure forces a permanent tooth out of the socket or gum line. Depending on the impact, tooth avulsion could even bring fracture and damage to the root and gum.

Aggressive sports play could also put the teeth risk for avulsion and injury. Hence, impactful plays require mouthguards to prevent oral fractures and dental trauma. And, even in a home setting, tooth avulsion is possible to occur. One big impact and the tooth could be out of its socket. Normally, a periodontal ligament (PDL) connects the tooth to its socket in the alveolar bone. Depending on the force of impact, it could either stretch this ligament or completely split it in two.


Tooth Avulsion In Children

Even when children normally shed their baby teeth, an avulsed tooth could be worrisome as well. Aside from the child’s frantic crying, parents do not normally know what to do with the fallen tooth. But compared to a tooth avulsion in adult, you should let an avulsed tooth in children heal naturally.

However, if the tooth did not fall completely, pulp and nerve may remain attached to the alveolar bone. It is best to preserve this nerve and bring it to the dentist right away. Forcing the fallen tooth back in place may hinder the growth of primary teeth.


Tooth Avulsion Treatment And Management

emergency dentist in adelaide for tooth avulsionReplantation of the displaced tooth serves as the primary goal during traumatic dental injuries such as avulsion. However, keeping the tooth viable to be replanted is not as easy as it sounds. After all, bleeding and other complications may also be present. Hence, time is of the essence when it comes to tooth avulsion. Snappy actions create higher chances of keeping the misplaced tooth satisfactory for placement and healing. A study shows that replanting the avulsed permanent tooth within 20 to 40 minutes increases treatment success.

Also, reimplantation of the avulsed primary teeth becomes more feasible by keeping it in the right condition during transport. With the right media, the avulsed teeth could preserve the live cells on the root surface. By keeping the cells attached to the root viable, you get to guarantee the possibility of keeping the permanent tooth back in place.


Storage And Transport Media For Misplaced Tooth

Since keeping the cells alive and intact during tooth avulsion is necessary, you should keep it in the proper solution. Surviving this dental trauma could be tricky. But knowing which media to use helps in making sure that the tooth is acceptable for replantation. Before, people in dentistry thought that keeping the tooth wet is necessary. However, more recent studies suggest that emulating the socket and gum’s physiologic condition is more crucial.

There are commercially available storage and transport media for tooth avulsion. But when it is nowhere available, you could opt for whole milk. Aside from it is widely available, whole milk does not impart degenerative and dental trauma on the separated teeth. This media has the correct pressure and pH to keep the cells on the tooth alive. However, other milk types do not have equal pressure and may cause more fracture on the tooth.


The Role Of Emergency Dentists During Tooth Avulsion

Time and transport media are not only the crucial factors in keeping the fallen tooth viable to be replanted. Early professional management is also necessary to deliver the correct treatment for injury or dental trauma. However, regular dentists and clinics may not always be available during these traumatic dental injuries. Hence, keeping an emergency dentist on a note is essential. After all, permanent reimplantation achieves more success when a professional does it. Bringing tooth avulsion cases to the dentist immediately will allow for closer inspection and examination of the fractured area. Besides, keeping the natural dentition is more possible with professional skill.


When Does Tooth Replantation Not Feasible?

Avulsion may involve a single permanent tooth or a couple of teeth. And completely replanting the avulsed tooth may not always be possible. Besides, this dental trauma could be rooted from numerous reasons, aside from an outward force. Here are cases when it becomes impossible to replant knocked out teeth.

  • Tooth avulsion due to severe caries
  • Loss of tooth from severe periodontal disease
  • Insufficient first aid due to uncooperative patient
  • Existing severe medical condition


Other Consideration During Tooth Avulsion

tips to care for the replaced teethSince an avulsed tooth or teeth is a serious case in dentistry, care is essential even after the dental trauma. Here are some tips to hasten the recovery of the misplaced tooth:

  • Taking prescribed antibiotic doses to prevent tooth infection
  • Splinting of the treated tooth to keep the correct alignment
  • Keeping a soft diet to prevent increased pressure on the avulsed tooth.
  • Staying away from close contact sport for a while
  • Brushing teeth with a soft toothbrush


Tooth Avulsion: The Verdict 

Tooth avulsion is one of the traumatic dental injuries that require clear thinking and right actions. And while it could be a horror both to the patient and the people present, it presents a good prognosis rate. Commonly, people would physically replant the avulsed tooth themselves. But this resolution might even cause future problems. Thus, bringing the tooth avulsion case to a dentist will ensure a more complete and successful restoration.

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