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Are you suffering from toothache and looking for an immediate cure for it? When a tooth continually throbs and keeps you up at night with torment, it could be something more troubling than a simple toothache. Usually, the untreated tooth cavity can cause tooth abscess resulting in toothache and gum pain. For most people, the first action is to look for a tooth abscess home remedy for a quick short-term treatment. However, some home remedies can cause more harm than good.


Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that bring about by bacterial contamination. The abscess can happen at various districts of the tooth for various reasons. A periapical abscess happens at the edge of the root, while a periodontal abscess happens in the gums along the edge of a tooth root.

A periapical tooth abscess happens typically because of an untreated dental hollow, an injury or previous dental work.

Dental specialists will cure an abscess by draining it and disposing of the contamination. They might have the option to spare your tooth with a root canal therapy. However, in some cases, your dentist may require to pull out the tooth. An untreated tooth abscess can prompt to severe, even life-threatening, complications.


Are oral health home remedies useful for an abscessed tooth?

The dentist explains the danger of home remedies in a tooth abscess.Mostly, oral health home remedies are not recommended for a tooth abscess. Home remedies can be utilized to temporarily alleviate side effects, for example, warm salt water, a warm saturated teabag compress over the region and taking over-the-counter pain-relieving medicine. Nevertheless, the infection will even progress if not appropriately treated. Moreover, keeping away from treatment can prompt more severe complications. Seeking medical advice from a dental specialist is strongly suggested for any oral health problems.


Clove oil as a tooth abscess home remedy

The clove oil has been used in traditional Indian and Chinese medication for quite a long time to soothe tooth pain. It consists of a chemical called eugenol, which goes about as a sedative and antibacterial agent.

This kind of oil for quite some timehas  been applied straightforwardly to the gums to ease toothache. There is proof that the eugenol in clove oil is powerful at battling a few known oral bacteria. Prescriptions containing eugenol are generally utilised in dentistry.


Side effects 

Although clove oil is usually harmless when applied to the skin, repeated use in the mouth and on the gums can have side effects.

Clove oil side effects may incorporate harm to the:

  • gums
  • tooth pulp
  • the skin within the mouth
  • mucous membranes within the mouth

Putting dried cloves within the mouth can cause sensitivity and bothering, just as harm the dental tissues.

Eating clove oil can be risky for kids and may prompt seizures, liver damage, and fluid imbalances.

Expectant mothers are prompted against using this home remedy, as it is not known whether clove oil is safe for the baby.


Dangers of Do it yourself Home remedies

Oral health home remedies are become people’s best friend during suffering from a toothache. Everybody adores the idea of finding a way to avoid medication when it is possible. However, some home remedies do not work, while others could be harmful.

Here are some DIY home remedies you definitely should not try:


Toothpaste to cure acne and cold sores

Some people use baking soda in toothpaste to dry out their acne or cold sore. The issue is in the other components of the toothpaste, may frankly bother your skin, particularly your lips. The basic toothpaste ingredients are menthol, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. All of them can aggravate the skin beyond what they can help it.


Gargling with mouthwash

Rinsing with mouthwash as a home remedy for a cold honestly does not sound effective. Physician frequently states that the best thing you can do is get a lot of rest. Once you have a sore throat, it is inflamed in the first place, and mouthwash will aggravate it even more.


Whiskey for a toothache

Even though whiskey as a toothache remedy may energise some people, the specialists state that bourbon has little anaesthetic properties. Though taking it for pain will not do any immediate harm, the mischief is in not getting the correct treatment on time.


Other dental remedies

Oral health home remedies like rubbing powder onto the gum part to relieve the toothache can be quite damaging. The gums can get biochemical blisters from things like this. The issue with the teeth does not fix by itself. The earlier you can visit your dentist, the easier it will be.

Oral health problems need a quick visit to the dentist. Avoid doing a risky DIY treatment like a tooth abscess home remedy that can worsen the condition.


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