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If your wisdom tooth has broken, it may be time to visit your dentist. Broken wisdom teeth are common, and unfortunately, they can lead to many health problems both inside your mouth and systemically. In this article, we will tackle some of the lingering questions you may have about broken wisdom teeth and why they should be removed as soon as possible.



Why do wisdom teeth end up breaking?

There are two main culprits of wisdom tooth fractures:

  • Tooth decay: Your tooth may get compromised by a dental cavity, making it more brittle. The majority of wisdom teeth that break ultimately has huge cavities inside of them.
  • Teeth grinding: A percentage of people clench their teeth during sleep. Sometimes the pressure is so great that the teeth crack under it, especially if a dental night guard is not being worn. Wisdom teeth are no different, and at our clinic, we frequently encounter fractures caused by grinders who have broken their wisdom teeth.

What happens if your wisdom tooth breaks?

If your wisdom tooth breaks on you, a number of issues could arise both inside your mouth and all throughout your body:

  • broken wisdom toothInfection and swelling in the mouth
  • Severe tooth soreness and inflammation
  • Possibility of sepsis, in which an infection in your tooth spreads to other parts of your body.
  • Infection-related jaw cyst formation
  • difficulty with mouth opening and mouth closure (a condition known as trismus)
  • It is possible for gum tissue to begin to encircle the tooth, which might result in pericoronitis.

Is a broken wisdom tooth a dental emergency?

Absolutely. Because of the possible harm to your body, it is regarded as an emergency. Please consult an emergency oral surgery team as soon as your wisdom tooth breaks.

Keep in mind that an emergency room does not do tooth extractions because some of them do not have on-call dentists. An emergency room will, at most, prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics and refer you to a nearby dentist like us.

How much does it cost to have a wisdom tooth extraction?

The average cost to have a broken wisdom tooth extracted depends on a number of factors, including your geographic location, the severity of your problem, and the dentist’s level of experience. Yes, costs may differ depending on your location, if you have dental insurance, and whether an oral surgeon or ordinary dentist removes the tooth. Keep in mind that an oral surgeon will often charge more than a conventional dentist to remove your wisdom tooth. They could advise having you sedated throughout the extraction process. Broken third molars will be less expensive to extract than an impacted wisdom tooth because they only break if they erupt.

Will my wisdom tooth fall out on its own?

If wisdom teeth break, they will not fall out on their own. The wisdom tooth’s roots are embedded inside your jawbone and require a trained clinician to remove them properly.

How do you fix a broken wisdom tooth?

This will all depend if your wisdom tooth is repairable or not. If your wisdom tooth has fully erupted and is functional, and the break is small enough to be restored, your dentist may recommend a tooth filling to repair the damaged area. Most wisdom teeth breaks are large, and since they are so difficult to maintain and keep clean, most dentists will recommend that a broken wisdom tooth be removed.

How is my treatment performed?

Now that you know why you should get a dental appointment right away, what can you expect?

After taking X-rays to assess the break and the tooth, treatment depends on factors such as:

  • Tooth position in your mouth before it broke
  • Cause of the break
  • The extent of the break

Removing the wisdom tooth will require an oral surgeon’s services. Before that appointment, your dentist might prescribe antibiotics and recommend a pain reliever that’s also an anti-inflammatory to help ease pre-extraction symptoms.

My wisdom tooth broke, so why do I not feel any pain?

A wisdom tooth may occasionally fracture without actually exposing the tooth’s nerve tissue. When it breaks down on you in these conditions, you might not feel any discomfort. Because there is a danger of developing a dental infection, having the tooth fixed or removed is still seen as an emergency.

What are some symptoms of an infection associated with a broken wisdom tooth?

The following are some symptoms that you will feel if your broken wisdom tooth sustains an infection:

  • causes of broken wisdom teethFacial swelling
  • Gum Swelling
  • Pain in the area
  • Numbness
  • Trismus (difficulty opening and closing your mouth)
  • Halitosis or bad breath

These are the typical symptoms, but if sepsis occurs, you may also have systemic problems that are directly related to the broken wisdom tooth.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you don’t remove impacted wisdom teeth, it can lead to long-term damage, including:


Wisdom teeth can push against your teeth, causing them to shift. They may become crowded or crooked. This can ruin orthodontic treatment such as braces or clear aligners or cause you to need further treatment.

Tooth damage

If a wisdom tooth pushes against another tooth, it could cause a cracked tooth. This risk increases if you have a root canal or a large filling on the tooth that is being pushed.

Tooth decay

Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean, especially if they have partially erupted. They create tight spaces that are hard to get to with your floss or toothbrush. This may lead to tooth decay.


Because they are difficult to clean, infections commonly result from impacted wisdom teeth. Bacteria and food particles may get left behind and cause infections in your teeth or gums (dental abscess).

Gum disease

Gingivitis or periodontal disease may also result from impacted wisdom teeth.


Untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can develop cysts around the tooth’s crown, leading to dental problems in the adjacent teeth and bone.

What should I do if my wisdom tooth broke to the gum line?

wisdom tooth consultationIf your wisdom tooth breaks off at the gum line, it must be extracted immediately. Not taking care of this issue when it happens can lead to a dental infection that could quickly spread to other areas of the body.

A broken tooth can lead to several health problems inside your body. If your wisdom tooth has recently broken down on you, please visit us and let our dental healthcare professional assess your condition and perform an emergency wisdom teeth removal.

Yes, breaking a wisdom tooth can be a pain – both literally and figuratively – but by immediately taking steps to deal with it, you can feel better faster. Feel better by stopping the pain. Feel better by saving you the expense of further oral treatments resulting from the side effects of a decaying molar. And feel better knowing our dental professional will advise you on the best way to treat a broken wisdom tooth. Call Emergency Dentist Adelaide now if you have dental emergencies.


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