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Do you need an emergency wisdom tooth removal? If so, you might wonder about the several wisdom tooth removal procedures that you need to undergo. Tooth extraction can be a bit overwhelming as some people feel anxious even just hearing about it. At most times, the wisdom teeth, also referred to as your third molar requires emergency removal. If you are in this situation, you might be needing an emergency dentist.

What is a wisdom tooth?

The wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that appears as an adult. However, these teeth can be stubborn and often gets impacted below the gum surface. There are also instances wherein they grow at different angles, further causing pain, discomfort, and several oral complications. Usually, the best way to treat a painful third molar is through an emergency tooth extraction. This surgical procedure will help remove the wisdom tooth that causes pain and will prevent the oral problem from getting worse.

Why do I need an emergency wisdom tooth extraction?

Sometimes, your wisdom tooth may cause an excruciating toothache where the only way to alleviate the pain is through an emergency extraction. If you’re experiencing this unbearable situation, you might be having a tooth infection. Not being able to remove the root cause of this infection may lead to unnecessary spreading of abscesses which can compromise your overall oral health. Being able to identify the problem with your wisdom teeth will help address your needs and prevent further inconveniences.

What are the procedures that are involved in wisdom tooth extraction?

patient under emergency wisdom tooth removalEmergency wisdom tooth extraction involves a series of steps before the actual extraction procedure. You will first have to undergo an initial consultation that includes dental x-ray. This is to ensure that the wisdom tooth removal is indeed the best choice of treatment for you. You will be provided with a variety of sedation choices including inhalation sedatives. Such sedation options involve the use of laughing gas also known as nitrous oxide. Using inhalation sedatives are common as millions of dental procedures are successfully done using it. This sedation technique is necessary to keep you numb throughout the procedure. It allows you to stay conscious but feel no pain. If necessary, your emergency dentist might administer additional topical sedatives around your tooth to lessen the intensity of the surgery. Only after the sedatives are added will the actual tooth extraction begin. To perform your wisdom tooth removal, your gum is lifted by making a small incision around the specified area. It enables the wisdom tooth to be freed from the gums allowing easier extraction for the root cause of pain.

Are there any alternatives for an emergency wisdom tooth extraction?

Unfortunately, an emergency wisdom tooth removal is only suggested when your oral health is in its most severe state. This means that no other emergency dental care procedures are available. If your wisdom tooth is the root cause of your pain, then tooth extraction is the only best form of treatment possible. An emergency wisdom tooth extraction will prevent the occurrence of future complications and can provide long-term relief towards discomfort.

Aftercare tips for emergency wisdom tooth removal

As every surgery goes, aftercare is very important. You dentist might advise you to avoid eating or drinking after several hours to let the affected area settle. It is best to give enough time for your gums to heal completely. This is to avoid unnecessary bleeding and infections from happening. Your dentist will also prescribe you with the appropriate medications that can aid the pain and hasten the healing process. You should expect a follow-up appointment with your dentist after some time to ensure that your gums in the area of extraction are completely healed.

Do I need an emergency wisdom tooth removal?

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth that is trapped below your gumline or wisdom teeth that grow at odd angles, you might want to go to an emergency dentist and have it evaluated. Oftentimes, these teeth may need to be removed because of the pain it can cause in the future as well as the damages it could affect its surrounding teeth. If left untreated, the wisdom tooth can be a source of infection, causing tooth decay, cysts, and other serious dental and oral problems.

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Our emergency dentist in Adelaide knows how distressful and painful it can be to have a dental emergency. Our team is here to provide you with after hours dental services and immediate care for a worry-free dental assistance. We offer the most affordable services for your dental emergencies, including wisdom tooth removal. Our team of expert dentists can walk you through the tooth extraction process and provide step-by-step advice to ensure that you will have a comfortable experience.

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