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Have you ever experienced staying up all night just because of a throbbing toothache? That question has two key points. One, this pain may not just concentrate on the tooth itself, but it can also radiate to your head, ear, and neck. Second, the toothache happens in the middle of the night, just when your dentist is unavailable to help you. These points are the reasons why so many people find effective ways to get rid of a toothache even without seeing their dentist. Let us give you a rundown of the effective emergency toothache relief tips we have gathered that you can try at home.


Saltwater Rinse

saltwater rinse as toothache reliefWhen it comes to at-home emergency toothache relief, gargling warm salt water is the best bet. After flossing your teeth and making sure that no other food particles are stuck in between, swish a mouthful of warm saltwater. Salt is a natural antiseptic, so if an infection is causing the pain, this toothache remedy may help relieve the ache until you are ready to go to your dentist.


Cold Compress

Infection or trauma causes swelling of the gums that may aggravate the pain you may be feeling. To reduce the inflammation, applying a cold compress to your cheek where the affected tooth is on and off for at least 20 minutes may just do the trick. Just make sure that you do not apply ice or any frozen alternatives directly to the tooth or skin so that no further soreness or sensitivity can happen.


Clove Oil

clove oil as toothache remedyClove oil, which is a cupboard staple for cooking and baking, can be used as temporary toothache relief. It contains eugenol, a natural anaesthetic that somehow numbs the area where it is applied. Parents use this emergency toothache relief not just for your tooth pain, but also for stomach upset, pain relief from infected warts or bunions and as an insect repellent. Just apply a few drops of clove oil to a cotton ball and dab or rub it on the affected tooth and gums.



Another cooking staple, garlic is known to have different health benefits, not just as a toothache remedy. But if you are going to use their herb as an emergency toothache relief, all you have to do is blend or crush a few cloves to create a pasty solution and apply it generously to the affected area. You may not like the taste and sensation at first, especially on children. However, this practice has been proven effective, not as a pain reliever per se, but as a helpful antibacterial solution.


Try Herbal Mouth Rinses

There are different herbs and plants that are known to have antimicrobial properties that may help in fighting the infection that causes your toothache. Warm water with extracts from guava leaves or thyme may be used as a mouthwash. Guava leaves may also be chewed and allow the crushed leaves to coat the inflamed gums. As for the thyme, you can also use it the same way as the clove oil. Dilute some thyme oil in warm water and soak a cotton ball so you can apply it to the affected gums.



This method may not be a typical at-home emergency toothache relief, but people who tried practising acupressure somehow reported relief and reduction of the toothache. There are certain areas or pressure points that allow the release of certain body chemicals, like endorphins, that promote pain relief and relaxation.


NSAIDs and Other Over-The-Counter Analgesics

analgesics for toothache reliefMost people who do not believe in natural emergency toothache relief tips would turn to pharmacological means as their chosen toothache remedy. Especially for parents who do not want their kids to experience the pain for too long, they would definitely opt and believe in the efficacy of tried-and-tested over-the-counter pain relievers. The most used analgesic for kids is acetaminophen. For adults, you can choose between a myriad of drugs that can be used to alleviate pain. But, here is a simple yet important reminder: if you choose pharmacological analgesics, be sure to swallow it and not use it as a topical treatment. There is an old practice where medicines like aspirin are pulverised and applied to the affected tooth. This method has been found to further cause problems with the gums instead of providing toothache relief.


Sleep in Position

After applying your chosen at-home emergency toothache relief method, the next step is to rest and allow the toothache remedy to do its part. Position your head elevated as you rest will relieve some pressure from the affected tooth area.  Practice lying down without pressing on or lying on the side of your toothache so that the pressure and inflammation will not worsen.


Although these emergency toothache relief methods may be beneficial for you and your child, we want to remind you that their effects are temporary only. It is still best to consult your dentist the very next day or as soon as possible so that the main cause of the toothache may be addressed.

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