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An impacted wisdom tooth grows for adolescents between the age of 15 and 25. During this growth stage, any individual should be careful in maintaining their wisdom teeth. A wisdom tooth can cause severe symptoms of pain, including toothaches and gum clenching. However, dental diseases can also start from a cracked wisdom tooth. Once dental diseases begin to grow, a chipped or broken wisdom tooth can lead to periodontal problems. But, there are several other causes of a cracked wisdom tooth that people may not be aware of. Let’s take a look at what dental experts have to say regarding your impacted wisdom teeth.  


What Are The Reasons For a Cracked Wisdom Tooth?

Crowding of teeth or Malocclusion may change how your tooth erupts in the gums. Jaw alignment of the upper and lower bite also moves your teeth to an abnormal angle. During this process, it is crucial to administer dental care for an untreated crack by removing your broken teeth. You can ask your local dental clinic to check your mouth with an X-ray assessment for diagnosis on your bone, nerve, and pulp.  


Injury Or Accident

Sports injury is common for children. Since physical trauma can affect facial features like the mouth, there is a high risk of cracking an impacted wisdom tooth. An emergency such as a bleeding wisdom tooth needs urgent extraction. Dentists may recommend a patient to wear mouthguards to avoid broken pearly smiles. It may also save money and time in visiting your oral health care provider regularly. 


Biting Into Hard Food Or Objects

Habits like chewing ice cubes, pencils, ball pens, or other hard objects affect loose fillings. Moreover, patients that have a broken crown also experience pain in their gums and nerves. However, even your medium-rare steak can also put pressure on your impacted back molar. Eating hard food like meat or raw vegetables can lead to a broken wisdom tooth


Severe Cavities That Lead To Infection And Decay

Cracked Wisdom Tooth

A cracked impacted wisdom tooth has a high risk of having tooth decay and bacterial infection. Bacteria in the roots may also lead to a dental abscess. If you don’t treat your oral problem, you may suffer from periodontal diseases after a few years. There are severe consequences that go beyond pain, such as tooth loss. If you want to prevent gum disease, don’t neglect your appointments with your dentist frequently. 


How Does A Dentist Save A Cracked Wisdom Tooth That Is Impacted?

Can a dentist save a cracked wisdom tooth? Most dentists will avoid invasive procedures like a tooth extraction to remove a cracked wisdom tooth surgically. Treatment like root canal therapy aims to restore teeth for a perfect smile. Your endodontist will remove your decayed or broken teeth to prevent more pain. On the contrary, an impacted wisdom tooth may receive surgery if a previous root canal treatment wasn’t successful. Tooth extraction can prevent extreme pain and avoid inflammation in your gums. You may want to know more about this process by asking your local dentist for more information. 

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