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A chipped tooth can make a person very anxious. What should be done when a tooth gets chipped? This article will talk about what you can do if you have a chipped tooth, and when to seek treatment from a dentist.

What is a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth happens when trauma or injury to a tooth causes part of the tooth to break off. Chipped teeth may not always be a serious condition, and do not always need the intervention of a dentist. However, there are certain situations when tooth repair may need to be done to the teeth.

When is tooth repair needed?

Tooth repair may be needed if the damage or chip on the tooth is large and exposes the inner, more sensitive part of the tooth. There is a potential for the tooth to become infected if the tooth is not repaired, if the damage sustained is extensive.chipped tooth

Tooth repair can be done by the dentist. There are different ways by which dentists can repair teeth. Teeth may be repaired using composite materials to fill in the hole or repair the chipped part of the teeth. Also, if a large part of the tooth has been chipped off, dental crowns and bridges may be used.

When to seek emergency treatment

If you experience extreme pain, you may need to seek emergency treatment for your chipped tooth. Pain is an indicator of possible infection, and if you have pain in a chipped tooth, a dentist will be able to treat any bacterial infections that may be forming inside the tooth.

Even if you are not feeling any pain, but have a chipped tooth that has extensive damage, it is still a good idea to visit your dentist for them to evaluate the tooth for tooth repairs and treatment for any potential issues and infections.

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