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Whenever you encounter a dental problem, you should always get the services of a reliable dentist. But what if an accident or injury happened in the wee hours of the night when your dentist is already unavailable? Then the attention of an after hours emergency dentist is necessary. Here, let’s find out what characteristics an emergency dentist must have to ensure your safety and comfort even during after hours.


A good after hours emergency dentist should be a professional

An after-hours emergency dentist is a board-certified and licensed dental practitioner, recognised by the Australian Dental Association. Knowing that your dentist is a member of a national organisation for dentists gives you comfort that he is capable of helping you care for your teeth.


A good after hours emergency dentist should be knowledgeable about dental emergency services

It takes years of experience for a professional to become an expert in his craft. An after-hours emergency dentist should be familiar with common dental emergencies and what services are needed to address such situations. It may help if the emergency dentist who can care for you has been referred by a relative or a friend so that their credibility has been tested by someone you know and it would be easier for the dentist to earn your trust.


A good after hours emergency dentist should be an educator as well

Speaking of earning your trust, isn’t it very easy to trust someone if he knows the answers to all your questions? Having someone to supply convincing and truthful answers about specific dental dilemmas make your after-hours emergency dentist reputable and reliable. He must also be able to give you clear tips and instructions on how to better care for your teeth even after your dental emergency.


A good after hours emergency dentist should be pleasant and friendly


Although you only see an emergency dentist during times of urgent need, it is still necessary that he is a patient advocate and knows how to care for his patients with kindness and understanding. Especially when you are in pain, wouldn’t it feel better to be taken care of by someone who calms your nerves and treats you not only as another patient but as a friend or family in need? Having a good relationship with your dentist makes you feel at ease that you are in good hands.


A good after hours emergency dentist should be an advocate of cleanliness

Who wants to be treated in a dirty and unsterile environment? No matter how good your dentist is, if his dental instruments, machines, and other equipment are not clean and sterilised, a higher risk for further complications may occur. Proper attire of the emergency dentist, as well as his staff, should also be maintained at all times. Use of sterile gloves and face masks during a procedure is already a given, and a reputable after-hours emergency dentist should be able to practice this even if your dental situation calls for quick treatment and management.


Knowing these characteristics of an after hours emergency dentist can help you in choosing the best to care for your dental health. However, even if you know you are in the hands of a good emergency dentist, the prevention of having an emergency is still in your hands.


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