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There are dental problems that we just cannot avoid no matter how hard we protect or care for ourselves. Accidents can happen anytime, and no matter how minor or severe it would be, dental emergencies are never fun. So knowing how to handle them correctly is the key to increase the chances of saving your teeth. Let us learn some tips we gathered from seasoned 24 hour emergency dentist to know the first-aid steps that we can follow to prevent emergencies.


Tips from 24 hour emergency dentist to prevent dental emergencies:


24 hour emergency dentist tip: Visit your dentist regularly

This may sound egotistical or self-affirming, but going to the dentist for a dental wellness check-up is necessary. Why? So that someone who studied and trained with regard to your overall dental and oral health can advise you on how to better care for your teeth. Moreover, there are parts of our mouth that we cannot see and seeing a professional and letting him assess our mouths is a key to be aware of potential problems we may have. In fact, dental patients with kids are often instructed to have their child visit the dentist as soon as the first baby tooth appears, so that complete and proper dental care is taught earlier in life.


24 hour emergency dentist tip: Follow your dentist’s recommendations


When you have your routine dental check-up, take note of the problems that he informed you would need treatment. If left untreated, minor dental problems only get worse with time. So if you set aside and neglect having a filling, crown, or root canal treatment, you are placing yourself in danger for more complications down the road.


24 hour emergency dentist tip: Observe proper dental hygiene

It is no rocket science: everyone should brush and floss daily. Following proper oral hygiene routine will aid you in maintaining your mouth healthy and your teeth strong.


24 hour emergency dentist tip: Take care of what you eat

When consuming foods that are chewy and rock hard, take it down a notch. These types of food can easily damage the teeth, may leave food debris that can cause tooth decay. Foods like caramel, candy, popcorn kernels, beef jerky, or even ice can crack a tooth or make you lose a filling.


24 hour emergency dentist tip: Use protective gears

Wearing a mouthguard when participating in sports or other contact or physical activities can help you protect your mouth from any sudden blows or accidents.


24 hour emergency dentist tip: Routine screening

Your dentist may recommend that you undergo annual screenings for diseases like periodontal or oral cancer. This would monitor your general oral health and help you diagnose any serious oral disease as early as possible.


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